RFID Electronic Water theme park lockers

These polyethylene plastic lockers and RFID management software combined are suited to many applications most commonly used for water/theme parks and aquatic centres; they are UV stable, rust resistant and impervious to salts and most acids, with proven strength in the harshest environment.

Ozlockers Mifare Locking System:

is a virtual network control system comprising of lock, management software, USB encoder, encoder, RFID Key (transponder) and Locker-Locator, based on 13.56Mhz ISO14443 Mifare (Key A) technology.

Management Software:

a powerful access control management system
- Access control rights programmed for each user
- Password-protected operator profiles
- Simple and effective FREE MODE (Free-Selection) or FIXED MODE (Pre-Assigned)
- Audit trails to track locker usage status

USB Key Encoder:

as an interface between the management software and the locker system, encoder is used to read/write the data info embedded in the key for programming, operating and tracking.
- Initialization, programming and erase of key
- Issuing and resetting of key in locking system
- Readout of lock usage status and guest information
- Readout of locker number


as the data transponder in the whole locking system, it links all the other components together and gathers and transmits information among them.
- Encrypted information, proof of duplicate or forgery
- Water-proof and shock-resistant
- Various style options suit different needs (Card, Keyfob, Wristband and etc.)

Locker Lock:

as an interface between the user and locker system, the RFID Locker-Locator is usually used as a reminder of the locker number for user’s convenience; its LCD displayer will show the locker number when the user key is presented. The whole locking system is controlled via management software, USB encoder and locker-locator. The operator (receptionist) reads, encodes, and updates keys via software and encoder, gathers and tracks the locker usage status in the computer and controls the whole locking system. The locker-locator helps user get back the locker number he/she occupied.


Complete and organizational management system: virtual network; wireless locking system
Each User Key can either free occupy one random locker or be assigned to one specific locker
Full access control rights programmed via software and RFID encoder
Optional locker assignment modes: fixed locker or free locker allocation
Locker status gathered and shown in the software system
Audit trail of above 200 events (unlocking records) available
Locker number tracked with locker-locator in case it has been forgotten
Perfect integration with other RFID systems: access control & customer management system
Time-based operation available.

RFID Electronic Lockers – A Secure Storage Solution

When it comes to ease of use and safety, RFID electronic lockers are crafted to be user-friendly and secure solution for commercial buildings. Either choose with integration to access control or without incorporation with access control: both are easy and intuitive. These intelligent RFID electronic lockers are suitable for Airports, Hospitals, Police Stations, Distribution Centres, Power Stations, Resorts, Universities, Sport Centres…

Why RFID electronic lockers?

Restricted and controlled user access
Custom programmable
Ability to track user history
Audible low battery warning signal
No need of wiring for installation
Automatically programmed hours
Can be integrated with management software
Raise alert for unusual access

Available Cabinet Sizes for beach lockers:

OL-100 2tier:
Cabinet size: = 380mm wide x 450mm deep x 880mm high
Stack: 2 high
OL-200 4tier:
Cabinet size: = 380mm wide x 450mm deep x 880mm high
Stack: 2 high
OL-250 8tier:
Size: = 380mm wide x 450mm deep x 880mm high
Stack: 2 high
OL-500 8tier:
Size: = 490mm wide x 485mm deep x 880mm high
Stack: 2 high
OL-300 3tier:
Size: = 380mm wide x 450mm deep x 670mm high
Stack: 3 high


  • Wedged top: 280mm high

  • Base: 100mm high

  • Lock bracket Stainless
    RFID Lock ABS plastic

  • Latch stainless

  • Plate stainless
    Handle zinc

  • Number stainless

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