24/7 Parcel locker

Parcel locker sites need to be made available to accommodate the delivery of goods bought over the internet, to circumvent the problem of not being there to answer the door when the postie rings.
The idea is that instead of having a parcel delivered to a home address, which can be inconvenient during work hours, customers can choose to have their items delivered to 24-hour-access parcel lockers.
Those who subscribe to the service receive a single-use six-digit code via SMS and email each time a parcel is ready for collection. This allows the supplier to send customers a pin via an SMS or email so they can pick up their perishable goods from the lockers any time.
Stuart Harker, global retail and consumer advisory leader at PwC, says multi-channel retailing is not only here to stay, but will grow at a rapid pace. Speaking at the recent Bulky Goods Retailers Association/Axima forum, he said ”click and collect” would become the norm and sites would need to be developed to meet the demand.

Flow chart:

For Courier–Delivery:

Step 1: Courier goes to Package station
Step 2: Courier scans the logistics card and input the logistics password.
Step 3: Choose delivery on the screen.
Step 4: Scan the waybill which the sender filled in all information.
Step 5: Input the receiver’s cellphone number so that the system can send a SMS to notify the receiver later. The SMS includes the information waybill tracking number and retrieve’s password.
Step 6: Input cellphone number again for confirmation.
Step 7: Choose the suitable size: there are big /middle/ small boxes for options.
Step 8: Put the parcel into the locker box.
Step 9: Barcode ticket is printed after putting parcel in. (The ticket is kept by the courier)
Step 10: Scan the waybill again and the barcode ticket will be out automatically.
Step 11: Courier keeps the barcode ticket for reference.

For Receiver – Collect:

Step 1: Receiver goes to Package station
Step 2: Receiver presses the retrieve button on the screen.
Step 3: Receiver inputs the waybill tracking number and Password from SMS.
Step 4: After inputting, the door will open automatically.
Step 5: Take out the parcel and close the door.

Standard size:

Custom locker cabinets manufactured to your requirements, some examples below……

Also custom software welcome