Laundry Lockers

24/7 Laundry Lockers

The laundry lockers are basically the same as the parcel locker concept, a brilliant – 24/7 accesses service. Those who subscribe to the service receive a single-use digit code via SMS and email each time the laundry is ready for collection at your convenience. You drop your clothes into a locker “enter a pin” text “laundry” and the locker number to them and it’s picked up the next day and returned within 2 days.
Laundry lockers “would be a great business” and would work well in many locations where they could be made available to the public in a 24-hour common area.

Step 1: Customer puts dirty cloths into locker

Step 2: Admin employee removes the dirty clothes

Step 3: Admin employee put back clean clothes

Step 4: Customer pick-up clean clothes

Custom locker cabinets manufactured to your requirements, some examples below……