Oz lockers ABS high density plastic lockers are extremely strong; the lockers are non-corrosive, requires no electricity to operate and they look great. They are specifically designed for long life in hostile environments! The lockers can be arranged in vertical tiers of two/three/four/five high and as many as you wish long per bank of lockers, we would supply the lockers to you as a flat pack arrangement (un-assembled, cheaper to freight) assembly instructions will also be supplied as well, assembly is very simple and quick.

Engineering ABS, Recyclable, Eco-friendly

1. Rust proof
2. Sturdy/ Stackable/ Scratch resistant (3 S traits)
3. Colour: Multiple choices in door’s colour

Highlights: Smart designs in interior
Clothes hanger
Multi-function box
Make-up mirror
Adjustable shelves

Strong lockset for security
Multiple lock options

Patented Designs:
DIY Hinge structure
Locker structure-Mortise and Tenon joints, no need for screws

Style one: T-L Product Combo

Dimension: (H*W*D)
900×375×470mm for internal
1010×382×500mm for extern

Style two: T-M Product Combo

Dimension: (H*W*D)
590×375×470mm for intern
700×382×500mm for external

Style Three:T-S Product Combo

Dimension: (H*W*D)
435×375×470mm for intern
545×382×500mm for external

Style Four:T-E ProductCombo

Dimension: (H*W*D)
280×375×470mm for internal
390×382×500mm for external

All four size lockers can be combined together, as seen below With your choice of door colour combination.

Lock options

Keyless Locks
Cam Locks
Pad Locks


Sloping top
WPC locker Bench
GRP locker Bench

Key-coin plastic lockers:

If you want to charge clients for the use of the locker, they can pay $1 (for example, this can be set to any amount but has to be the same size coin and to a maximum of three coins in total, i.e. 3x $1 coins or 3 x $2 coins, 2 x $1 coins, 2 x $2 coins, 1 x $1 coin and so on ) to hire the locker, which releases the key (until a coin is inserted the key is held by the lock, stopping keys being removed and lost) & upon re-entry of the locker the key is held again by the lock ready for the next user, each vertical row of lockers has one money box at the bottom of each tier to collect the revenue.

Available door sizes:

Three tier; 640mm High x 310mm wide x 460mm deep
Four tier; 500mm High x 310mm wide x 460mm deep
Five tier; 380mm High x 310mm wide x 460mm deep

Key/coin operated
Combination lock
Cam lock
Coin return

Available colours:

Green, blue, red, yellow, clear plastic, beige or brown timber look.